WELCOME TO TOWER VELO Bicycle repairs in Tower District

We will be closed from 8/28/19-9/3/2019

About Us

Tower Velo features expert repairs


Older or newer, your bicycle gets special attention from Bikefixer Chris. Come in for expert bicycle repairs in Fresno. Let Chris help you find the perfect parts or accessories needed for your bicycle.

How's the summer riding going???


If you've been out and about in the Central Valley heat, your trusty bike may need a little TLC.

Come in for a quick check-over to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Maybe your adventures mean your bike needs a complete overhaul.

Stock up on tubes.

Replace that gunk-encrusted chain.

And you REALLY NEED a nice basket for all those Farmers Market trips!

Have some fun!


Meet friends for a ride.

Go on picnic.

Ice cream, anyone?